Cling Stamps vs. Photopolymer Stamps

So you want to start stamping, but aren’t quite sure what the difference is between the different kinds of stamps. Hopefully this will help make it a bit more clear so you can decide which way you want to go when building up your stamp collection!

First, take a look at my video ⬇

Photopolymer Stamps

Stampin’ Ups! top-quality photopolymer stamps are entirely transparent for perfect image placement, and they adhere well to their clear blocks. They’re flexible and easy to line up, giving you even more creative possibilities with each set. You can mix and match, bend, and layer images easily. You’ll only need one set of blocks for all your photopolymer stamps (blocks sold separately).

There isn’t a foam cushion like with the cling stamps, so you may want to have the Stampin’ Pierce Mat as I mentioned in my video but forgot the name.

Cling Stamps

Stampin’ Ups! die-cut, cling stamps are made of high-quality red rubber and have the foam cushion. They come with a strong image label that clings like crazy to our clear blocks or Stamparatus plates for easy stamping. Stamp, then remove the stamp for space-saving storage. (Clear blocks and Stamparatus are sold separately.)  

Clear Acrylic Blocks

As I mentioned in my video you will need to have the clear acrylic blocks. Once you purchase them you will have them forever unless you loose them ?

You can purchase the bundle which is discounted by 10% or you can purchase them individually. There is also a nice carry case you can purchase to keep all your blocks together.

The more you use them the more they develop a film on them so remember you can quickly and easily wash them with soap & water.

If you would like to take a look at all the blocks, bundle cost plus individual cost you can hope on over to my online store and simply search for Clear Blocks. Have a beautiful day creator!

Stacie Ford

Stacie Ford

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We pay attention to every little detail. Check us out, you will know what I mean.

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